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Gared Basketball Backboard Height Adjuster - 36 Inch X 63 Inch Attachment

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Gared Adjust-A-Goal Basketball Backboard Height Adjuster

  • Raises and Lowers Backboard Between 10 Feet and 8 Feet
  • Intended for Use with Backboards with 36 Inch X 63 Inch Attachment Points
  • Direct Goal Attachment Mounting System
  • Goal Height Indicator on Unit for Accurate Height Adjustment
  • Note – Adding a Height Adjuster to an Existing Hoop Will Push the Backboard Several Inches Further into the Playing Area
  • Includes Crank Handle

  • Gared’s Adjust-A-Goal Backboard Height Adjuster Can add versatility to your wall-mounted basketball hoop. Compatible with indoor backboards that have mounting points with 36 inch X 63 inch dimensions, the Adjust-A-Goal allows you to raise and lower your backboard to rim heights from 8 to 10 feet. Goal height indicators on the unit allow you to accurately set the unit at the desired height. Adding a height adjuster to an existing hoop will push the backboard several inches further into the court. The Gared Adjust-A-Goal comes with FREE SHIPPING.