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Gared Conversion Backboard Package - Backboard, Rim, Padding

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Gared Side-Court Conversion Basketball Backboard Package

  • Can Be Used to Upgrade Fan-Shaped Backboards to 54 Inch Rectangular Glass Boards
  • 3050RG 42 Inch x 54 Inch Auxiliary Glass Backboard
  • 1000 Scholastic Breakaway Rim
  • PSCE Stick-On Backboard Padding in Grey

  • Garedís Gymnasium Backboard packages include everything you need to upgrade your existing indoor hoops to state of the art. The Side-Court Conversion backboard package is the perfect option to upgrade your existing fan-shaped backboards to state-of-the-art 54 inch rectangular glass backboards. The Gared Side-court Conversion package includes Garedís 3050RG 42 inch x 54 inch auxiliary glass backboard, their popular 1000 scholastic breakaway rim along with a nylon net, and grey stick-on backboard edge padding. This package comes with FREE SHIPPING.