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Gared Scholastic Backboard Package - Backboard, Rim, Net, Padding

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Gared Scholastic Basketball Backboard Package

  • RG48 Traditional Tall 48 Inch x 72 Inch Regulation Steel-Framed Glass Backboard
  • 2000+ Collegiate Breakaway Rim
  • PMCE Pro-Mold Bolt-On Backboard Padding in Choice of Colors
  • Meets NCAA, NFHS and NAIA Requirements

  • Garedís Gymnasium Backboard packages include everything you need to upgrade your existing indoor hoops to state of the art. The Scholastic backboard package includes Garedís traditional size (48 inch x 72 inch) RG48 regulation steel-framed backboard, their popular 2000+ competition breakaway rim along with a nylon net, and high quality backboard edge padding in your choice of colors. The Scholastic package typically would be used to replace older, traditional 48Ē gymnasium backboards where switching to 42 inches is not an option. The equipment included in the Scholastic basketball backboard package meets all NCAA, NFHS and NAIA requirements. This package comes with FREE SHIPPING.